The solution to grinding problems

TURBOMILL, is the first immersion mill and, thanks to its numerous international patents, the only one that can rotate the basket. Hundreds of companies, many of which are multinational groups, in more than 60 countries worldwide have been using TURBOMILL since years, with complete satisfaction. Its special construction (rotor/stator system) makes it possible to achieve extraordinary results in all phases of operation, from grinding to washing and colour change. In fact, even with a smaller grinding chamber than other mills, TURBOMILL's grinding power is greater because the centrifugaI force created by the basket's rotation compresses the grinding beads and gives them extraordinary cutting force. This yields shorter grinding times, with fineness as far as "off the gauge" even with high-viscosity products and a high concentration of pigment In addition, because of the zirconium grinding beads less than 1 mm. in diameter, it is possible to achieve high colorimetric yields, exceptional film brightness and, when needed, transparency in the pigments. Thanks to the centrifugaI force, the TURBOMILL basket empties out quickly and completely, and washing is done in 5-10 minutes with the use of just the solvent necessary to submerge it. At the end of this operation, the grinding chamber is so clean that you can completely change product and colour from one batch to the next. This eliminates downtime, as well as having mi/!s dedicated solely to one colour, with a remarkable increase in productivity. The TURBOMILL is also a versatile mill, each model working different batch volumes in different tanks (see technical data sheet). Processing is

done in a closed tank without the evaporation of solvents and reductions in processing.TURBOMILL is suitable far industries that produce cover water - or solvent - based production, and more specifical car paint, industry, boat making, wood, do-it-yourself, construction, coil coating, serigraphic, lithographic and offset inks, colouring pastes for paints, textiles, leather, anti-crypto graphics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, gelcoat

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  • G rinding time reduced to a minimum.
  • H igh productivity with low- or high-viscosity products. Off the gauge grinding.
  • F ast washing.
  • W ashing with very little solvent.
  • A bility to completely change product and colour from one batch to the next.
  • I nexpensiveness to operate and grind.
  • F lexibility in production volumes.